#051 - Tinsel

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Tinsel the Llama was born on Christmas Eve, and her parents knew that they had to give her a name that matched the holiday spirit. However, they never expected that their little bundle of joy would take her name quite so seriously. As soon as Tinsel could walk, she became obsessed with all things shiny and sparkly. She would spend hours staring at tinsel garlands, Christmas lights, and shiny ornaments, often to the point of ignoring her own food and water. Despite her strange obsession, Tinsel quickly became a beloved member of the llama community. Her coat was a beautiful golden color, and her eyes shone like twinkling stars. She also had a mischievous streak and loved to play pranks on the other llamas. One year, Tinsel even managed to sneak into Santa's workshop and steal some of his decorations. She proudly strutted around the farm with a string of lights wrapped around her neck, thinking that she was the most festive llama in all the land. However, her love of all things shiny often got her into trouble. She would try to eat anything that sparkled, from sequins to aluminum foil. Her owners had to keep a close eye on her during the holiday season, lest she gobble up all the decorations. Despite her quirks, Tinsel was a beloved member of the farm and brought joy to everyone around her. Every Christmas, she would don her most festive garb and strut around the farm, showing off her love of all things shiny.