#024 - Unity

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Once upon a time, there was a llama named Unity who lived on a farm with a bunch of other animals. But Unity was different from the rest of the llamas because she always had a positive attitude and never complained about anything. One day, the other llamas started to make fun of her for being so happy all the time. They even nicknamed her "Unicorn Llama" because they thought she was so magical and unrealistic. But Unity didn't let their teasing get her down. Instead, she decided to start her own dance party in the llama pen. She cranked up the tunes and started doing the llama shuffle like nobody was watching. To her surprise, all the other animals on the farm started to join in. The cows were doing the hoedown, the chickens were doing the cha-cha, and even the grumpy old goat was tapping his hooves to the beat. From that day on, Unity was known as the party animal of the farm, and everyone loved her for it. She even got her own llama-sized disco ball to hang in the pen, and every Friday night they would have a dance-off to see who could do the silliest dance moves. So remember, if you ever need to bring some unity and joy to your life, just channel your inner Unity the Llama and throw a dance party like nobody's watching!