#062 - Universe

Collection: 122LLaMaZ

Collection #: 62

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Inscription #: 11070


Universe the Llama was a cosmic creature from birth. Her coat was speckled with stars, and her long eyelashes could have easily passed for a constellation. Unlike her fellow llamas, Universe had a deep fascination with the universe and often spent her days stargazing and pondering the meaning of life. One day, while Universe was admiring a particularly bright shooting star, she made a wish upon it: to explore the universe beyond her earthly home. As fate would have it, a group of alien llamas from a nearby galaxy happened to be passing by and overheard her wish. Intrigued by Universe's passion and determination, they offered to take her on a journey through the cosmos. Without hesitation, Universe hopped aboard their spaceship and set off on the adventure of a lifetime. Over the course of their travels, Universe visited countless planets and met all sorts of creatures, from a spacefaring sloth to a group of singing space whales. She even discovered a new galaxy that she named after herself. But eventually, Universe began to miss her home planet and the familiar faces of her llama herd. So, she bid farewell to her new friends and returned to Earth, grateful for the amazing experiences she had gained. From that day on, Universe shared her knowledge of the universe with her fellow llamas, often regaling them with tales of her intergalactic adventures. And although her friends thought she was a bit "out there" with her stories, they all agreed that Universe was the coolest llama in the herd.