#048 - Wanderlust

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Collection #: 48

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Wanderlust the Llama was not like other llamas. While most of his kind preferred to stay in one place, munching on grass and spitting at tourists, Wanderlust had a burning desire to explore the world. His greatest dream was to travel to far-off lands and experience all the world had to offer. So, one day, Wanderlust set off on his great adventure. He trekked through the Andes Mountains, across the vast deserts of South America, and even swam through a crocodile-infested river (although he quickly regretted that decision). Despite his wanderlust, Wanderlust quickly realized that traveling as a llama was not easy. He had to dodge predators, deal with unfriendly locals, and constantly avoid being turned into a fur coat. But Wanderlust was not one to give up easily. He pressed on, determined to see the world. He even managed to sneak his way onto a cargo ship bound for Europe, where he caused quite a stir among the sailors. Eventually, after months of travel, Wanderlust found himself in a small village in the Swiss Alps. There, he met a kind farmer who offered him a home and plenty of grass to eat. And although he had finally found a place to settle down, Wanderlust still yearned for adventure. So, he spent his days daydreaming about all the places he had been and all the places he still wanted to go. In the end, Wanderlust realized that the journey was more important than the destination. He may have traveled the world as a llama, but he had seen and experienced more than most llamas ever would. And so, he lived out the rest of his days in the Swiss Alps, content in the knowledge that he had lived a life of adventure.