#101 - Zenith

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Zenith was no ordinary llama. From a young age, he had a sense of style and grace that set him apart from his herd. While the other llamas were content to chew grass and spit at tourists, Zenith spent his days practicing yoga and meditating on the meaning of life. One day, a group of travelers passing through the Andes stumbled upon Zenith's little corner of the world. They were amazed by his poise and serenity, and soon began to spread the word about the enlightened llama they had met. Before long, Zenith had become a sensation, attracting pilgrims from far and wide who sought his wisdom and guidance. He even landed a lucrative book deal and a spot on a talk show, where he charmed audiences with his witty banter and impeccable posture. Despite his newfound fame, Zenith remained humble and true to his llama roots. He continued to spend his days practicing yoga and sipping on chamomile tea, content in the knowledge that he had found his true calling in life: to be the world's most enlightened llama.