#094 - Zodiac

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Once upon a time, there was a llama named Zodiac who was known for his incredible ability to predict the future. He could accurately predict the weather, the stock market, and even who would win the next season of "The Bachelor." However, Zodiac's talent for divination came with a catch. Whenever he made a prediction, he would start humming the theme song to "The Twilight Zone" and spinning in circles. No one knew why he did it, but it always made everyone laugh. One day, Zodiac made a prediction that he was sure would make him famous. He predicted that he would be the first llama to walk on the moon. Everyone laughed and thought he was joking, but Zodiac was dead serious. He spent months training for his moon mission, practicing walking in low-gravity environments and perfecting his zero-gravity llama somersault. Finally, the day arrived for Zodiac to take off on his spaceship. As he blasted off into space, Zodiac couldn't help but start humming the "Twilight Zone" theme song and spinning in circles. The other llamas watching from the ground could only laugh and shake their heads. Sadly, Zodiac's mission didn't quite go as planned. When he reached the moon, he discovered that llamas can't breathe in space, and he had to be rescued by a team of NASA scientists. But even though his moon mission was a failure, Zodiac didn't give up on his dreams. He continued making predictions and spinning in circles, always keeping the other llamas entertained with his silly antics.